The Green OJ

Last night I had a can do attitude while I was studying for my Chem test so I decided to take a wack at making some juice for the morning.
What I used :
2 cucumbers
1 kiwi
A handful of spinach
6 halos (clementines)
And 24 Oz Poland spring water

I was able to get a big […]

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Going back to nature

Hello All , I got to go on a special hike today to go check out some snakes, frogs and turtles. I haven’t been out in nature for a long hike in a long time. It was incredibly refreshing I got to go with some good friends and we had a really good time. I […]

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Starting up a Side Hustle Blog

Write What your passionate about?
Pick your niche!
Write constantly
Have Adsense
Expose yourself to social media
Seo, Code Fonts, marketing
When I decided to blog about what I know and things I like (basically make an online diary/ Portfolio) I knew it was not going to be easy. Sadly my hardest task was going to pick a niche. I love […]

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#sundayfunday (2) March Favorites!

Well its Easter, I am not sure how the rest of you celebrate this time of year ( if you celebrate it at all) but in my family this day means church and three straight days of food. However this year it happened to fall in an exam week for me so I won’t be […]

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#sundayfunday! (1) The blogging begins

An Over View of the week
This has been a busy busy week to say the least. at the beginning of this week I was contemplating wether or not it would be worth it to start up this blog. So I sat down and I went through my bank account. Yup because it costs money when […]

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Can you see the art in Science ?

The photo above comes from an article I found on ” Ten Stunning images that show the beauty of Science”.

I’m a nerd there I said it ! Although all the images on the article were beautiful the one above  made go “ooo ahhh ooo” like a good four times. Through my biology education and […]

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10 Quick Tips when picking out Medical Insurance

Since I was 17 I ‘ve worked with many doctors offices not only providing patient care but also verifying insurances. I find that most of my patients in our office ( I’ll be honest every office I have ever coordinated for) don’t have a good grasp on their medical coverage. Some people are either eager […]

Hire ME!

I have 6 years experience in the wonderful world of medical administration. Do you know your insurance ? Do you use your insurance wisely & cost effectively? Medical insurance is not easy to understand and lets face it to get on the phone with an insurance company to get a prior authorization for a visit, […]

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Hello world!


My name is Yvonne-Marie I am 24 yo, a rescue dog momma, Biology major (crossing my fingers graduation in May), Medical coordinator, Beginner @ side hustling & yogi, and a random rambler.

What you can hope to see on the blog

– Health and Wellness posts: not only on fitness and food but also on an administrative […]

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