I have not been on here since early July. It honestly feels like forever. When i first started this blog I wanted to make it about everything I could think of. I tend to be the type of person who jumps into everything and anything I can get my hands on , I hate down time. However when I started to get really deep into my job search I knew I had to devote all my time to that.

Boy was it the busiest month and a half of my life. I have never made multiple trips back and forth between Jersey and NYC in one day before. I will say that I learned a lot, I found some great companies and made some amazing connections. Between interviews, meetings, revising my resume and wardrobe I could not be on here like I wanted to. I did keep blogging just not on my own blog. I will let you guys in on that soon.

I got a job ! I had that moment will smith had in “The pursuit of happiness” check out the link . I literally wanted to cry, especially because it happened to be for a health care company I grew up in. That moment made up for all the rejections, for all the lower paying jobs I turned down, and for all the hours spent commuting.

When I decided to go with what I was really good at instead of what I wanted to do with my life I knew I had to become passionate about the new field. Thankfully with support of friends and mentors and even some of my patients I was able to make that adjustment quite nicely.

Things on the blog may be changing. I am a bit more comfortable with my own voice now. I still want to keep my nerdy science and environmental side on here , however I do want to include a lot of my healthcare knowledge. There will still be fun yoga stuff up on here , once I settle into my job a bit more I will go back to posting daily. There will be a change in the logo (poor thing has gotten more makeovers than I have).

I am back now , my goal will be to do a weekly post and keep up with the blog roundups.

Till next time guys, Stay healthy