friday blog round up #5

This was a semi busy week for me, it’s Friday and I feel like the rest of this month is going to drag on. However despite the dragging feeling I did some reading.

5 Quality 20- minute Running Workouts: Day 13 Update by :

So this week I have been thinking about getting into running. So much so that I joined a running group. I liked the challenge that career girl daily had on their site. However since I am doing 3 yoga challenges myself I figured I would opt out of this one for now. But if your not signed up for anything I totally recommend this!

Study shows mercury scrubbers at Oregon power plant lower other pollution, too by

I am glad that they were able to reduce the amount of air pollution being spatted out. We dont really realize how much the air is polluted because in some cases we can’t tell. Hopefully we can find other ways to apply this else where.

3 Questions to ask yourself before accepting a Low- Paying job From

I have officially started the application process  for some not all positions. I mainly focused on the ones that I knew would take longer to respond.  When I read this article  I had an “AHHA” moment. I had skipping jobs that I knew I was good at or would be a shoe in for mainly because I felt I needed a higher pay. Granted anything above what I have now would be a bit higher. I liked the points levo made in their post. We want to jump in to our careers head first sometimes even I forget you have to start somewhere.