A lot went on this month in terms of fitness, but what made this month super awesome was all the #yogachallanges. If you follow me on instagram (@thepicadillomix) you know that I have tried to take part in some awesome challenges this month so far its been about 3. Through them I met some awesome people and got to work on my yoga practice a lot more.

To make things a bit neater (and so that they actually fit the page I have set up calendars for each challenge showing you when they started I will also put the names of the hosts along with each challenge.

First off the #twinningchallange 2.0 : its hosts were @jsesti, @_just_Joini_, @collectiveyoga, @karenroperyoga, @stephaniekicksbutt, @ninayogalife @yogalu123, @reganwarner, and @buddhamom76

twinning calander

I had a great time doing the yoga challenge with my twin. Can’t wait to do more.