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I was trying to get into running this week, I won’t lie I felt a little defeated. After a not so great doctors visit I decided I really needed to amp up my game. So I will be trying to incorporate more running into my routine.

Days Check off Times/ activities Extra info How I felt
Sunday  √  Rest
 1 mile jog/walk  I decided to start running.  Painful, part of me thinks I am doing something wrong with the placement of my feet. If you have any shoe suggestions let me know.
Tuesday  √  rest  I had to grade papers today so I missed my yoga 🙁
Wednesday  √   2 mile jog/walk with local running group & a 30 minute at home yoga practice.  Being brand new to running means I am super slow and walk most of it. The group was always way ahead.  Defeated & sore
Thursday  √  2 miles on the elliptical

My Zwow1

 After I instructed the lab we left early so I gave the gym a visit

I was finally able to get in a Zwow

happy to be able to fit this in today
Friday  √   Yoga w/ Mastaniarts
 My regular instructor is back!!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome to have her back I felt all stretched out and amazing
Saturday  √  Rest

I am really happy with everything I was able to get done this week. I really wanted to start running at the beginning of the week. By friday I was totally exhausted and was in a funk. My goals for next week are simple I want to keep this up.

Stay Healthy