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 Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!!

I’ll make this quick so we can all return to our barbeques and family fun.

Days Check off Times/ activities Extra info How I felt
Sunday  √  Rest
Tuesday  √ Yoga w/ Mastaniarts
 my regular instructor is still away and the one for todays class seems like she has never done a yoga class herself  dissapointed x2
Wednesday  √  at home yoga practice  at the end of the day i decided to try out some of the moves i have been itching to attempt . after if was done i felt successful.  accomplished
Thursday  √  at home yoga practice  i started my day off with an hour flow of my own and i felt awesome after , some poses i have been trying for a while to get  energized
Friday  √   Yoga w/ Mastaniarts
 some of the people in the class did not like this substitute but i love him. he pushed us far and taught us variations to some of the harder poses.  amazing!!!
Saturday  √  rest its the 4th of July

 For some reason I just have not been able to get to the Zwows. Its ironic because they are quicker and easier to come by since all I need is my laptop.

This week my goals are

Less yoga ( I still want to keep up with my 2 classes a week so I don’t loose that routine), I know it sounds crazy but I also need to up my fitness and strength.

A 3 mile run

Finally complete my zwows