You know that feeling when you just are not wearing the right attire to the gym, a barre class, yoga class, or when your running out doors. The tightness in the butt or crotch area, the unappealing little rolls that may appear at the sides of your hips, and the over all discomfort from your body not being able to perform at it’s peak. Well, I have had this experience quite a few times in my yoga journey. So when I got to try on a pair of Yamantaka Elephant Harem Pants I could not wait.

20150702_083154I was super excited to see the amazing purple color come right out of its packaging.


A Few reasons why I love Bohemian Island:

1) The harem pants feel like your not wearing them at all, allowing free and full movement of your legs. This is incredibly important to me especially since this month I am doing the #journeytosplits challenge and need the full stretch in my legs.

2) They have a full spectrum of designs and colors. I am a purple addict myself but every now and then I like to see some cute designs and vibrant colors, of which they have plenty.

3) They donate 10% of their proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation. You guys know how much work I do with my local rescue group. One of my passions is to get dogs adopted and make sure that the animals are spayed/ neutered to promote their optimal health. So when companies like Bohemian Island support causes that I am passionate about I can’t help but support them as well.


They were super flowy and not tight in any of the places I was expecting them to be. I really loved the color of the Yamantaka Elephant Harem Pants. A tiny detail that I appreciated as a short person was the elastic at the bottom of the pants. I can’t tell you how many times I end up giving pants away or not wearing them because they touch the floor when I walk (me being clumsy I would fall multiple times).

I can’t wait to buy another pair and maybe even some of those cute Elephant hot pants that I saw.

For more information on Bohemian Island check out their website, Instagram and Twitter feed.

Have you tried Bohemian Island yet?

Harem pants or Hot pants?
 Do you like the flow of harem pants?

Till next time, stay healthy