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This week was everywhere, including with the weather. My regular yoga instructor went on vacation and I just could not get a second to spare to try and get anything else done, but I did make sure to stick to my classes. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to my Zwow’s or to practice at home. I am so hoping that since I don’t have to teach this week that I can be able to fit in what I didn’t get to do last week.

Days Check off Times/ activities Extra info How I felt
Sunday  Rest
Tuesday  √ Yoga w/ Mastaniarts
 The main instructor went on vacation the new one did a lot of movement that just was not yogaish disappointed but partly happy that I still stuck to my class.
Wednesday  Rest
Thursday  rest  Since I had to teach today there was no workout or exercise.  drained
Friday  √   Yoga w/ Mastaniarts
 Today this was particularly a work out we had a new instructor and this guy was intense I tried so many poses that I was not familiar with and that were outside my comfort zone.  like a beast.
Saturday  √  random  me and my brother decided to stay out of the house to day and get moving so there was a lot of walking and we did some running, 2 miles to be exact. Productive

What I am hoping to get done next week is….

Two yoga classes with Mastaniarts

One three mile run

two Zwow workouts (#1 &#2)

two days of at home yoga practice 

Yes, it is pretty much the same as last week because I did not get a chance to get anything done this week. I am hoping that this next week I will be able to get either all or most of them done this week. 

Till next time stay healthy