june hustling

I am going to go ahead and say June has been the most educational month for me.

I got out of my little shell and networked, applied for blogger jobs, offered my self up as a social media assistant, everything and anything blogging related I pretty much put myself out there for. No I didn’t get everything I put my self out there for, and that was as expected I am still new and still relatively small. Now unfortunately I can’t yet spill the beans on what jobs or networking relationships I have built. I promise though that before the end of July you will see it all and there will be a good four posts about each one.

Lets get down to the Nitty gritty shall we.

I made my self available

“P” was away for the first two weeks of this month , so my way of coping was to not have time to think about it. I offered up my time and skills to the local Animal rescue group in the general area. You can check out the post here. This experience was so rewarding I have already learned so much and actually this helped me land a great opportunity that you will see soon coming up. The opportunity isn’t paid  but putting it on my resume will make me look like a #BOSS when I apply for any animal and environmental jobs in the science field.

I also learned how to go to things on my own. I won’t lie I am a tiny bit shy when it comes to going to events where I know I will not know one single person in the crowd. I did a few of those here and here. But the one that I am happy that I went to alone was the #solsticeTSQ. Although I would of loved to have a friend come with me being there alone put me in a place where I was able to start up a conversation with anyone and everyone who smiled or asked me a question. If my friend was with me I would of probably put all or most of my attention on to what other plans we would be doing that day and running back to jersey after. Going alone I opened myself up to meeting totally new people , who were all awesome! Did I mention yet how amazing this experience was and how much I can’t wait to go again next year? No, well it was.

I did a lot of reading

Here is everything that happened to catch my eye this month.

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I’ve been writing

Have you looked through the blog?There has been so much more writing this month then when I started. I have started the “Mix Nerd Mondays”, “Friday Blog Round up”, the monthly #hustling, and I will be getting back to my “Healthcare Wednesday” soon they will be monthly though. The biggest obstacle with this has been time. I have the ideas and sometimes I even have and idea for the featured picture I want to put in but what I don’t have most is the time. Between working full time and my last classes plus prepping a lab course, I get very busy. I do plan on keeping up with things though especially now that I am starting to look at everything like a dead line.

Blog Stats



Now I don’t know how to read google analytics perfectly yet however I see a steady increase there. Any increase is better than no increase right?

ipoll 6-15I gave I-poll a shot after reading this article. So I am still trying to learn how to earn the Passive Income but this was one way that I saw in a few places that did not require a lot of work. I found this to be better than E-poll mainly because I like seeing the dollar amount versus seeing this point system that E-poll had going on.

Coming soon!

A monthly news letter


guest posts

All and all this was a pretty damn good month on the blog. I learned so much and I think I honed into what topics and areas I really want to address.

Till next time stay healthy,