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This week there was a mix of everything going on. I was hungry, my younger brothers graduation (they grow up so fast), issues with work, the ruling for the subsidies for the insurance companies was suppose to be coming up, just so so much.

This 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge Is All We Want Today from

So I am obsessed with peanut butter! Now I do not like chocolate.. I know ” ARE YOU CRAZY” nope, I just feel like it taste weird. Anyway since I don’t like chocolate , what hits the spot on my sweet tooth is peanut butter.  This was the first time I ever saw a recipe for a peanut butter fudge it looks so yummy and I cant wait to try it.

Medical Kidnapping in Missouri: 25 Year Old Daughter Forced onto Drugs and Committed to Mental Facility by Health Impact News

WTF! I mean I am constantly appalled at the fact that 1) despite the mothers constant pleading that something was wrong with her child doctors did nothing but medicate her. 2) Tests were not done.. why? I mean commonly if a patient is having symptoms it is the medical professionals job to test every and any possibility. What blew my mind was when they took custody over her. If she was functioning better and able to be an asset to her community what the hell is the problem then. I hope you all go onto the facebook page and show them some support because this is ridiculous. I am a medical professional and I make sure the doctor lets the patient know of all the options they can take, because there is always more than one option.


Supreme Court Allows Nationwide Health Care Subsidies by

If you haven’t been following the news on the subsides of the health care act placed by Obama you should have. So many things were being said and I am very happy to know that my state had a full back up plan in case things went south. NJ rocks! I was very happy to get online Thursday afternoon to see that HOLY CRAP they allowed the act to stay and continue being nation wide. Can I get a WOOT WOOT. I know for some of you who were against it you see it as another way for the government to take control. Now I am not saying I don’t agree with your idea…. I agree just a bit with you. But the amount of people it will help, because of the large number I am willing to set aside the fact that I would like to be in control of it. So many people who can not afford insurance are now getting it. No they may not be able to chose the doctors they see, the facilities they use, what tests they are allowed to get done, nope it is not perfect at all but at least now they can afford to be seen at all. Before the act was set in place if you couldn’t afford the $300 copay along with $700+ dollars it would take to do an MRI or other testing you were basically screwed. Yes there is flaws in everything but I will take it if majority of the population will benefit from it.

Till next time Stay Healthy,