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So finally I was able to get a recipe here on the food tab. I really love food ,cooking it, eating it, trying to make it pretty, every part of the food process is awesome to me. I am not a chef and I do not pretend to be. However when I come across something I want to try, replicate, or create you will most likely see it here.

Today I am going to share with you what I place into my green smoothies that pretty much makes me return for more and more and a little bit more.


All you will need is a bottle of water ( sometimes I may use one and 1/2 bottles of poland spring) ,a cup and 1/2 of spinach, and 1 table spoon of agave.

Then blend!


Then you throw the mixture into an ice tray.


It will look like this. Then stick it in the freezer for about 2 hours ( I like to make sure they are really firm).


You can keep it in the freezer and use then in green smoothies. The reason I like this is because when I add in ice, I feel like my smoothie gets watered down a bit. Since I started doing it this way they taste different and the coolness of the drink lasts a bit longer.

If you give this a try let me know what you think.

Do you have any tips or tricks when making smoothies?

What do you put in your green smoothies?

Stay healthy