1506, 2015

Glass Sustainability

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Welcome to the second posting of Mix Nerd Monday




There are reasons why we use specific materials for different use cases‚Ķlike why we use cotton for some clothes, aluminium for some roofs etc. One of such materials include glasses. We use them because they are recyclable. Reading through this article, we will understand what glasses are, […]

106, 2015

What is plastic doing to you?

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Welcome to Mix Nerd Mondays, it’s a series I will be doing on here that is more in my area. I love science ( I am a bio nerd after all) and health care so here you will be getting any biology, ecology, environmental and maybe a little chemistry ¬†posts that can affect our everyday […]

1305, 2015

Animals We Eat and Their Disgusting Diet

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If you have been struggling with weight loss like I have or just struggling with feeling better in general, you probably have tried every crazy fad out there. Digging into what we consume has recently turned into a little hobby of mine. My inner nerd has been curious since the film Super Size Me, The […]