1007, 2015

Friday blog roundup #5

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This was a semi busy week for me, it’s Friday and I feel like the rest of this month is going to drag on. However despite the dragging feeling I did some reading.

5 Quality 20- minute Running Workouts: Day 13 Update by : careergirldaily.com
So this week I have been thinking about getting into running. So […]

2606, 2015

Friday Blog Round up #4

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This week there was a mix of everything going on. I was hungry, my younger brothers graduation (they grow up so fast), issues with work, the ruling for the subsidies for the insurance companies was suppose to be coming up, just so so much.

This 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge Is All We Want Today from popsugar.com
So […]

1906, 2015

Friday Blog Round up #3

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So Many things going on this week on the inter webs. A lot of commotion going on in the science world this week due to #TimHunts unfortunate words about #womeninscience. I also saw a lot of stuff in the medical community that made me go WTF.

Alabama child services abducts autistic boys damaged by MMR vaccine; […]

1406, 2015

Blog round up ( sorry i couldn’t post it on friday)

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This week I was a little all over the place and it was just not good at all. I will make a post about it and place it on blabber by tuesday. In the mean time here is what I read this week.

7 Work from Home Jobs That Make Me $30k+ a Year by Erica […]

506, 2015

Friday Blog Roundup #1

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Some of the cool reads and things I found on the blogosphere this week.
How to Poop before a race (Yes, It’s important): by popsugar.com
I would of never thought this was something a runner needed to think about although now that I have put though into it I can see where it may become handy. I […]

3105, 2015

May reads ” Book Nook”

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So the “Book Nook ” is not actually about books ( although there may be some book options here) . It’s where I will be posting all the monthly articles and posts that I found to be awesome and want to share with you, along with my opinion or understanding of each.

Denise Sherpa 5K: by […]