2106, 2015

#SundayFun Health Fair w/ the rescue group and #solsticeTSQ!!!!!

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First HOLY COW what an awesome weekend. I have not been this busy in a long while, but it was sooooooo worth it.
Saturday’s Health Fair:
It was a day filled with furry creatures and all the major hospitals  and health groups in the northern jersey area. There were so many vendors there and we were so […]

1406, 2015

#SundayFunday : Art Fair 2015 in Jersey

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It was such a pretty morning, and perfect for putting on this romper I bought about a month ago from Joyce Leslie. There was an art fair today in Northern Jersey that I got to explore.

The first tent to grab my attention was by Drive by press they made the coolest tank top for me the […]

1005, 2015

#SundayFunday & #HappyMothersDay

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First off Happy Mothers Day to everyone with a tiny clone. Enjoy your day after the 364 days of booger cleaning, diaper changing, hair fixing, late nights and everything else you do. I seriously hope you are all having either a spa day or a relaxing day with your kids.

This week was a little busy: […]

504, 2015

#sundayfunday (2) March Favorites!

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Well its Easter, I am not sure how the rest of you celebrate this time of year ( if you celebrate it at all) but in my family this day means church and three straight days of food. However this year it happened to fall in an exam week for me so I won’t be […]

2203, 2015

#sundayfunday! (1) The blogging begins

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An Over View of the week
This has been a busy busy week to say the least. at the beginning of this week I was contemplating wether or not it would be worth it to start up this blog. So I sat down and I went through my bank account. Yup because it costs money when […]